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Baby Swimming Shop

10 tips for having fun in the sun whilst keeping babies and children sunsafe By Alison Short of
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Come rain or shine, Brits are still ‘Dying for a Tan’

As we reach the halfway point of the SunSense Dying for a Tan tour, we wanted to give you an update on everything that’s been happening so far. From monster trucks in Bournemouth and torrential rain in Manchester, the Dying for a Tan tour has got off to a flying start, with over 1,000 people stepping under our UV camera to date.
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Call For Beauty Industry To Get Skin Cancer Training

All too often we witness the dangers of tanning become a reality, with over 13,000* new skin cancer cases being diagnosed each year. Claire Dale, founder of the Irene Parker Skin Awareness Message tells us why she's calling upon the beauty industry to step up and play their part in reducing this number.
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