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A Summer To Remember

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This summer, SunSense took to the road once again to show the British public it’s not worth ‘Dying For A Tan’. Armed with our UV camera, we photographed over 2,000 people, revealing their hidden sun damage.



For this year’s tour we welcomed support from former Hollyoaks actress and Loose Women star, Terri Dwyer. Terri was first diagnosed with skin cancer in 2014; doctors told her this was most likely the result of over exposure to the sun and tanning beds. 



Terri’s passion for the campaign is fantastic, she has really helped to spread our message and raise awareness of the dangers of tanning and importance of sun protection. 



Having Terri involved has helped to make the impact of the campaign stronger than ever before, she is someone people can relate to and her story makes them stop and think “if it happened to Terri, it could happen to me”. 



The tour took us to Manchester, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Newquay, as well as several events for healthcare professionals. We met and talked to thousands of people, and gave away around 8,000 sample bags and UV wristbands, which turn blue when UV rays are present. The SunSense team have lots of great memories from the tour and here are just a few: 



“We were surprised by how many skin cancer patients we spoke to who hadn’t been given the right advice on how to protect their skin after diagnosis – so many were out on sunny days in the UK without sunscreen on!” 

(Stephanie Young, SunSense UK) 



“The memory that resonates with me was when I was talking to the surfers in Newquay. As much as they protect themselves from the sun, they didn’t realise the difference in water resistance that SunSense has compared to European sunscreens.



“They were amazed at how much the SPF in other sunscreens drops off while SunSense stays at SPF 50 or above in the water for the time it states – essential to any surfer!”

(Louis Stagg, SunSense UK) 



“I spoke to a lady in Manchester when it was raining and pretty dull – she wasn’t convinced that UV rays could still filter through until she saw the UV wristband turn blue. Her attitude changed instantly and she even asked for some samples and wristbands to show her friends. This is a conversation that really stuck with me as it shows that we are making an impact.”

(Nasima Miah, SunSense UK)



It’s safe to say the 2016 Dying For A Tan tour has been a great success! We would like to thank everyone who joined us and hope that we’ve encouraged new healthier attitudes and sense of awareness towards sun protection.